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What is a credit fairy lead?

Consumers register on our network of mortgage web sites and they indicate that they need help to improve their credit score.  We get permission to contact them.

Next, we send branded messages to them to confirm their interest in learning more.  When they call or send a text or fill in a web form indicating they are interested, it is instantly forwarded to your cell phone or any capable device. A phone call, text message or web form from an interested prospect is considered a credit fairy lead.

All leads are exclusive and delivered live and in real time.  All calls are recorded and you are responsible to alert the prospect.

While the original lead used to generate a Credit Fairy lead is considered “shared”, when the prospect reaffirms their interest specifically in credit repair, that lead is transmitted only to you, thus exclusive.

Here is how it works:
  1. Register to be a Credit Fairy affiliate and schedule your lead delivery day and starting time.
  2. Pay for a lead package.
  3. Blow up your phone!
Lead packages available*
  • 25 Leads $350
  • 50 Leads $649
  • 100 Leads $1189

*prices subject to change without notice

How we get the leads:

We send messages to prospects who have previously registered for credit repair info.  We ask if they want more information, if the answer is yes, you get a text message or email from them or they call in directly.

We keep track of the people who opt out and you keep track of the people that want more information.  When the prospects reply “yes” for more info, that text is forwarded to you and the prospect gets an autoreply with your contact details.

You pay only for results!

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